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Using QC20-W ballbar for ISO 10791-6

What is ISO 10791-6?

The ISO 10791–6 standard is designed to verify the kinematic accuracy of 4 and 5 axis machines (machines with 3 linear and 1 or 2 rotary axes). The tests can verify the contouring accuracy of the linear and circular paths, by simultaneously moving the three traditional Cartesian axes and 1 or 2 rotary axes. As with all standards this provides a measure of performance rather than provide compensation data to correct the machine.

More information can be found in the ISO 10791-6 standard and the relevant application note below.

What do I need to perform the test?

QC20 ballbar

ISO - QC20-W icon

Most tests defined in ISO 10791-6 can be completed using a QC20 ballbar. During multi-axis movements a machine tool is trying to maintain a fixed separation between the tool tip and workpiece. A ballbar is able to measure the contouring performance by measuring any deviation between tool tip and workpiece whilst following multi-axis tool paths.

Ballbar Trace software

ISO - Ballbar Trace icon

The ISO 10791-6 standard requires reporting of the maximum to minimum deviation which can be achieved simply by capturing data with Ballbar Trace software.

Data captured using Ballbar Trace can then be analysed and reported to ISO 10791-6 format using XCal-View 2.3 or higher.

Ballbar spindle centring device

ISO - Ballbar spindle centring evice

To perform tests to ISO 10791-6 standard, it is critical that the ballbar tool cup is centralised in the spindle prior to testing. Although ISO 10791-6 does not specify a centricity value, to eliminate test set-up error the tool cup must be aligned to the spindle centreline.

The Ballbar spindle centring device helps to centralise the tool cup tip with the spindle centreline.

OMP40 and OMP60 shanks

ISO - OMP40 shank icon

The ballbar spindle centring device is compatible with OMP40 taper or parallel shanks. Alternatively an OMP60 taper shank can be used with an OMP40 shank adaptor to provide a method of positioning the tip of the toolcup on the spindle centreline.

For more information on shanks and adaptors see the datasheets below.

XCal-View analysis software

ISO - XCal-View icon

XCal-View analysis software release 2.3 and higher provides users with the ability to quickly analyse the data captured by Ballbar Trace and allows instant reporting to many international machine performance checking standards, including ISO 10791-6 format.

Part program

Specific part programs need to be created, to perform tests conforming to ISO 10791-6. Ballbar Trace does not currently produce a part program. Macro based programs are available to download below which can be edited to suit your machine.