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Shopfloor gauging for process control close to the point of manufacture

Kishan Auto operator using Equator gauging system

Quality is critical to us, we constantly strive to achieve 100% quality, at the same time as improving efficiency and passing those savings on to the customer. Equator has taken us to another level.

Kishan Auto (India)

Renishaw Equator™ 500 - intelligent process control for larger parts

The Equator™ 500 shop-floor gauging system has a working volume of 500 mm in diameter and up to 400 mm in height, is accurate between 5 ºC and 50 ºC at any rate of temperature change, and is capable of scanning speeds in excess of 200 mm/s.

The Equator™ 500 system options include integrated IPC software which allows constant monitoring and automatic adjustment of a machining operation, keeping part dimensions close to nominal and well within process control limits.

How to build an automated robotic CNC manufacturing cell

Benefits of using an automated manufacturing process include lower labour costs, meaning that your skilled staff can be used for other productive tasks. The second benefit is unattended operation, so machines can run overnight, 24/7.

With the Equator gauging system, manufacturers can automate process updates to automatically compensate for any drift in machine performance.