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RoLin™ non-contact magnetic encoders designed for miniature embedded motion control applications

4 April 2012

RoLin ring encoder - radial with flexRenishaw's new RoLin non-contact magnetic encoder system is designed for embedded miniature motion controlin high-volume applications in a wide range of industry sectors including semiconductor, science/medical, military/aerospace, and industrial automation.

Designed for both linear and rotary incremental position feedback, the system consistsof an RLM readhead and either a magnetic scale (MS) or magnetic ring (MR) with a pole length of 2 mm, for axial or radial readings. RoLin is thelatest in a line of robust magnetic encoders for incremental and absolute motion system requirements developed by Renishaw and its associate company, RLS.

The RoLin provides state-of-the-art sensing technology with highly repeatable position measurement under wide installation tolerances and temperature ranges of -20° to +85°C. Reference marks are bi-directional and position information is output in incremental quadrature format, with optional periodic reference marks (every pole) or unique reference marks available as well.

The electronics inside RoLin's readhead provide interpolation rates up to 13-bit, as well as fault monitoring. The RoHS-compliant encoder is available in eight resolutions ranging from 0.244 µm to 125 µm for linear, and 608 to 753,664 cpr for rotary, with speeds up to 40 m/s, depending on resolution. Sub divisional error is ±3.5 µm.

For more information on RoLin linear and rotary encoders, please visit www.rls.si, and for Renishaw's full line of magnetic sensors, please visit Renishaw's encoder pages.


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