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inVia: Raman images

Detailed, revealing, chemical images

Use Raman images to reveal spatial information of materials and their properties.

You can create images to show the spatial relationship of sample variation:

  • presence of different materials, their forms and compositions
  • distribution and size of chemical species
  • relative amounts within mixtures
  • stress and strain
  • crystal quality
Often, your Raman images will be of the sample surface. However, if your sample is suitable, you can also take vertical “slices” and 3-dimensional images from within it, enabling you to see chemical information in new ways.

Generating Raman images with inVia

Renishaw's inVia supports a range of advanced methods for generating Raman images, in addition to point-mapping, each one optimized for a particular function. inVia's flexibility gives you all the options you need.

  • StreamLine™ – fast, gentle Raman mapping over large areas, with high spatial resolution. Don't miss a thing with the integrated Slalom option
  • StreamHR™ – fast high resolution Raman mapping with oversampling
    • Use with optional EM-CCD for kHz rate Raman spectra collection speeds
  • True Raman Imaging™ – rapidly survey samples for the presence of known materials
  • Surface™ ­– ­collect Raman data from sample surfaces even if they are sloping or uneven

Use these techniques, which are unique to Renishaw, to generate outstanding Raman images.

The power to convert data to images

Renishaw's WiRE™ software has all the tools you need to create information-rich images from your Raman data.

Generate your images rapidly and easily using WiRE's optimised data processing and analysis routines. WiRE will guide you through processes such as removing cosmic ray features, analysing changes in band parameters, and applying multivariate analysis methods.

Thanks to the large data file capability of Renishaw's WiRE software, you can generate high definition large area Raman images. These show the features of your sample in crisp, clear, detail.

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